What You'll Discover in Christian Jihad

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  • Unique insights into the Neo-Fundamentalist mindset he helped to form (and was, himself, formed by).

  • An insider’s view of the visceral fears, complex motivations, long-term goals, and divisive tactics of the newest forces of cultural conservatism embodied by Sarah Palin.

  • How the “Satanic war against the family” molds the fundamentalist/Pentecostal “pro-family” agenda.

  • What Neo-Fundamentalists really think about mainline Protestants, Roman Catholics and even other Evangelicals…fearing what they don’t understand and hating what they fear.

  • Why many Neo-Fundamentalists don’t believe liberals can be Christians…and why some on the Christian left don’t think conservatives can be Christians.

  • Why the fundamentalist mind (Christian, Islamic, secular, liberal or conservative) only acknowledges black and white with no gray or neutral territory.

  • How a newly developed theocratic paradigm called Dominionism provides the theological rationale and vision to inspire Sarah Palin’s Neo Fundamentalist movement to impose their values on every American.

  • The desperate fear of God’s imminent wrath that drives the Neo-Fundamentalist obsession to legislate morality.

  • Always entertaining and often alarming profiles of many of the bizarre leaders of the movement that would remake America in God’s name.

  • The bizarre “demonic mapping” and spiritual warfare strategies of the New Apostolic Reformation