The Sarah Palin Factor

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Christian Jihad

Christian Jihad is the first book to offer an insider’s perspective of Sarah Palin as the quintessential representative of resurgent Neo-Fundamentalist Pentecostalism – the fastest growing and least understood religious movement in the world.

Like Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin is not your standard-issue fundamentalist or conservative Republican.  She is a “Dominionist” dedicated to taking dominion of the USA for King Jesus. Palin and her former churches are part of a millions strong global network of Pentecostal “Spiritual Warriors”, which is spearheaded by 500 “Apostles” now organized as the New Apostolic Reformation, (apostles believe themselves to be empowered by God to govern their city or state in the name of God). Palin, at the age of 24, was “discipled” by one of the 500 – Mary Glazier – the apostle in charge of Alaska. Twenty years later, on October 16, 2005, while still mayor of Wasilla, she was publicly “anointed” (the transmission of supernatural power from an apostle to a new leader) by Apostle Thomas Muthee, famous for supposedly conquering demons and witches in his homeland of Kenya.  (About the same time Palin was being “discipled” in Alaska, the author was being similarly mentored by another apostle – Dennis Peacocke amongst the vineyards in the northern California’s wine country.)

Profiling the movement’s eccentric leadership, provides an entertaining but ultimately chilling look into the bizarre worldview of one of the GOP’s newest stars. 

Palin’s Neo Fundamentalist Movement friends have a unique three-step strategy for solving global problems of hunger, poverty, disease, war, injustice and “sexual immorality:”

1.  Spiritual mapping:  Calibrating and mapping “demonic strongholds” over various cities or nations. Prime targets include “The Queen of Heaven” a super demon believed to hold Roman Catholics in spiritual bondage (i.e. resistant to converting to Pentecostalism) and the direct portal to Satan that resides in the Israeli Knesset.  Other demonic strongholds include Jerusalem, Pittsburgh, and the University of Texas!

2.  Spiritual Warfare:  Both Colonel Doner (who was formerly a member of Palin’s denomination and worked side by side with several “apostles”) and Sarah Palin were trained to do spiritual warfare through mass prayer and fasting.  Imprecatory prayer (praying for the death of opponents) was believed to be an especially potent weapon.

3.  Dominion:  Once a territory is cleared of demonic activity, in order to hold the ground for Jesus, it must be garrisoned by Christian warriors.  In this stage the victory is to be consolidated by taking dominion for God over each country.