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Colonel V. Doner

The author is uniquely qualified to help us decode, even empathize with, the Neo-Fundamentalist paradigm complete with all its fears and paranoia, its “God-given” mandates and its “biblical” vision for God, country, and family. Drawing on his three decades as a founder/leader/ theorist of both Neo-Fundamentalism and the Christian Right, Doner provides the rare insight possessed only by one who himself has been formed by the process of radicalization. Not only was he an insider for three decades, he was a founder of two of the three major Neo-Fundamentalist political organizations in the 80’s – Christian Voice and The American Coalition for Traditional Values (with Tim LaHaye).

It is especially fitting that Doner, as one of the most divisive and prominent exploiters of culture war “wedge issues” as an act of penitence, offers a profound yet practical path to hope, healing and reconciliation.

Starting off as a fundraiser, the author worked his way up to a strategist and propagandist, then an innovator and designer, culminating in the leadership of his own cutting-edge Christian right organizations, the infamous Christian Voice and the American Coalition of Traditional Values of the Reagan era, named two of the “Big Three” Christian Right organizations by US News and World Report – (the third being the Moral Majority).  From 1995-2005 he was a senior member of the theological “brain trust” of the theocratic Right – the Reconstruction movement, where he served as strategist, public spokesman and author.

In short, Doner not only personally integrated all the elements that make up Sarah Palin’s mindset– he refined and developed many of them. Only an insider can explain the Neo-Fundamentalist paradigm and what fears, dreams, beliefs and presuppositions motivate them. Finally, only an insider can prescribe workable strategies for understanding, empathizing and constructively dialoguing with Neo-Fundamentalists in order to avoid The Next Holy War.


Directing Tim LaHaye and Actor Efrem
Zimbalist In Christian Voice TV Special
With Christian Right TV Host Richard Houge
At Christian Voice Conference


"1984 Congratulations For A Job Well Done!"
Doner Interviewed By Dan Rather For "60 Minutes"
Doner Addressing Christian Right Activists At Orange County Convention Center