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Colonel Doner:
Right Wing Hit man and Spiritual Warrior

As a Neo-Fundamentalist leader and a founder of the infamous Christian Voice – the first Christian Right organization to distribute millions of “Report Cards” skewering congressmen for their votes on “moral issues” – and co-founder with Tim LaHaye of the American Coalition for Traditional Values (see positions held) Doner has appeared on 60 Minutes, 20-20, Phil Donohue, and hundreds of national television and radio programs.  His work (as the architect of Christian Right wedge-issue campaigns) has been featured on CBS, ABC, and NBC primetime news and in over 100 newspapers including the Washington Post and Washington Times.  His starring role in the “culture wars” has been cited in over two dozen books, Time, US News, Newsweek, as well as various Christian magazines (Christianity Today, Christian Life, Charisma) and over 500 internet citations.  As a Neo-Fundamentalist leader, he served with Billy Graham, Carl Henry and Charles Colson as one of “1000 world Religious Leaders” on Bill Bright’s “New Life Evangelicalism” advisory board and authored a theological text, The Late Great Evangelical Church, endorsed by a broad spectrum of Evangelical leaders.

For three decades, Doner was the key man in a number of Neo-Fundamentalist firsts:

  • Co-founding the first Christian Right lobby, Christian Voice(preceding the Moral Majority)

  • Co-founding the first Christian political action committee, The Christian Voice Moral Government Fund (1979), one of the ten largest political action committees (PAC’s) in the crucial 1980 elections that overturned Democratic control of the White House and Congress.

  • The first to introduce “Scorecards”and“Report Cards”on how political candidates scored on “moral issues.”  (1980-84)

  • The first to initiate “gay bashing” as a wedge issue – through TV, radio and print. (1980)

  • The first to consolidate scores of TV ministers (Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggert, James Bakker, etc.), and national Evangelical leaders in a high profile coalition to register voters for a presidential candidate  - the American Coalition for Traditional Values (1984)

  • The first (and only) Christian Right leader to transition from a Christian Right political leader to a theological spokesman and leader of  the theocratic Neo-Fundamentalist Reconstructionist movement

  • The first (and only) Neo-Fundamentalist leader to write an insider’s account and mea culpa.

The Religious Right Reference Handbook (2007) reported, “Doner was noted for his combative style in his appearances on such television programs as 60 Minutes and Donohue.”  Appearing on over 100 radio and TV talk shows, he was a much-in-demand guest.  The producers of the 60 Minutes segment featuring a debate between Doner and Dan Rather called it “one of our best exchanges ever.”  His appearance on the Donohue show generated a record amount of mail – over 10,000 responses.