Inside the Culture Wars

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Christian Jihad

The first insider’s exposé of how and why Neo-Fundamentalism and Pentecostalism (with Sarah Palin as the quintessential representative of both) are inexorably building toward a new Jihadist mindset and a culture-war “Armageddon.” With its authoritative and extraordinary dissection of a rapidly growing Neo-Fundamentalist mindset, The War provides readers an inside look at the hidden dynamics driving the culture wars, as well as providing a realistic path toward respect and dialogue rather than mutual demonization and conflict.

What do Neo-Fundamentalists really want and how do they plan to get it?  Can they be reasoned with?  Can their fears and needs be assuaged by the majority of “moderate” Christians or even by the liberal-secular forces they seek to protect themselves from?  For the first time, a former Christian Right founder and fundamentalist leader provides a stunning insider’s account of the distinctive Neo-Fundamentalist mindset found on the extremes of our paralyzing national divide of red vs. blue, liberal vs. conservative and religious vs. secular.

In a nation tired of acrimonious partisanship, relentless mud-slinging, and demonization of diverging opinions, weary of warring over the merits of pluralism, and growing increasingly intolerant of intolerance, a practical strategy for reconciliation is needed.  As Karen Armstrong notes, “We have to try to make the huge imaginative effort to put ourselves in the shoes of the fundamentalists because they threaten our values just as we threaten theirs. … Instead of dismissing fundamentalists as a bunch of loons and crazies, we must listen to what they have to say.”