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Brian McLaren

Christian Jihad does many things - and all of them well. It gives us an inside view of the religious right while humanizing its participants. It proposes a way forward in the culture wars while transcending warfare rhetoric. It gives a first-hand account of an important and ongoing movement in American political and religious history while suggesting both the appeal and weaknesses of that movement. Concerned observers of the Religious Right and the New Apostolic Reformation will benefit from Colonel Doner's eyewitness testimony, and participants may gain even more.

                -- Brian McLaren, author, speaker, blogger (brianmclaren.net)

Marcus Borg

"Fascinating…A superbly detailed insider's account of the war waged by much of the Christian Right against the rest of us - and against American values, and against the heart of the Bible."

                Marcus Borg
                Best-selling biblical scholar
                Author of twenty-one books

John Armstrong

The mindset behind the Christian Right, as well as the Christian (or secular) Left, is far more alike than we realize. Colonel Doner, once an insider and founding leader of the Christian Right, pulls back the curtain in this well-written memoir so we can see what really brought about the constant culture wars that threaten to destroy public life and civility in America. This well-conceived book gave me hope that Christians can do better and stop spreading movements rooted in fear and loathing. Doner is hopeful and so am I. He shows how humble Christians, who give up false certitude for the love of Jesus, can actually help to create a culture rooted in God’s love, one that results in healthy pluralism and human respect.

                Dr. John H. Armstrong
                Your Church Is Too Small
                President, ACT 3
                Carol Stream, IL

Leonard Sweet

Christian Jihad is almost too hot to pick up, almost impossible to put down. The most mesmerizing part of the book, though, is Colonel Doner’s portrayal of a way forward without these civil wars of religion that are anything but civil and everything but religious.

                Leonard Sweet, best-selling author and professor (Drew University, George Fox University) and chief contributor to sermons.com